Improve the LTV of your existing customers by optimally targeting your retention, win-back, upsell, and cross-sell efforts. Move past simply predicting churn, to predicting how you can stop churn, and maximize LTV.

Harness the power of causal machine learning to treat the right customer with the right treatment at the right time.

Retention campaigns are risky

Whereas the worst case for an acquisition campaign is wasted money, a poorly executed retention campaign can directly cause customers to churn

Consider the illustration to the left, and imagine a hypothetical discount offer to prevent customers from churning. On the left we see what would happen if a given customer wasn't treated, and on the right, what would happen if they were treated.

We want to avoid the harmful scenario, namely where we treat a user who churns if treated, but would have remained if left untreated. This is a very real risk since even a good discount can often remind a customer to churn. Ideally a retention campaign would only target the desirable scenario, where the user remains because of the offer.

Predicted individual treatment effects to the rescue

At Churney, we use a combination of cutting-edge deep learning and causal machine learning methods to maximize the treatment effects of your retention efforts

A/B tests are commonly used to evaluate retention campaigns. With individual treatment effect predictions, they can instead be the starting point for an iterative personalized procedure that ultimately results in only those customers being targeted, for whom the retention treatment will actually work.

Using a statistically rigorous approach, and state-of-the-art causal and deep learning, we enable you to build up a catalogue of retention treatments and target each customer with the optimal treatment for each step of their lifecycle, and to combine them into an optimal treatment regime to maximize the LTV of your customers.

The improvements in return on investment are dramatic and provable.

Integration with the tools you already use

You won't have to learn to use a new tool, just let causal machine learning superpower your existing way of working

We integrate directly with leading customer engagement platforms such as Braze and ensuring that you can deliver your treatments like you already do, only powered by causal machine learning.

We enable you to experiment faster, succeed more often, and deliver greater returns on investment for your retention campaigns. In short, our framework ensures that you can providing the right treatment to the right customer at all times.